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Who’s Potty Training?

It seems almost impossible that my 22 month old daughter is interested in potty training but it’s true.  Personally, I’d rather keep her in diapers but she has her mind set on wearing underwear and that’s that.  Needless to say, we are having some accidents but when we are prepared it's no big deal. I’m [...]

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Sunday Morning, Mother Load Pointillism

Wishing we could be at the park with the kids today, rain in St. Louis has us considering indoor activities!  Wishing all parents and grandparents a lovely Sunday at the park of your choice!!  I included a little info taken directly from Wikipedia on Georges Seurat. Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, is a [...]

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Mother Load Bags Get Repurposed

At Mother Load we like organization, space-savers and convenience!!! We designed the Mother Load bags to grow with your kids, be eco-friendly, lightweight and Multi-functional!! Recently, we received photos and comments from Mother Load customers. They shared their stories about how they have repurposed their bags. I too have found multiple uses and am sharing a few photos [...]

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Da Vinci’s “Leda" Needed Mother Load Bags

 With so many children Leda could have used Mother Load bags!!! Sharing a little background about the story of Leda from Wikipedia below.                                                          Leonardo da Vinci, Leda c. 1530 [...]

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Mother Load Retail Partners

We want to share with you a list of our retail partners who take part in our vision to help curb your childcare chaos!!!  Mother Load bags help free moms, dads and caregivers from senseless searching in cavernous diaper bags.  Save yourself time, frustration and irritation, look up one of the retailers below to get your [...]

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Fun Fridays - Mondrian meet Mother Load

Introducing:  Friday Fun - Mondrian Meets Mother Load Always trying to keep it “cheeky" her at Mother Load.Happy 2015, wishing all a happy and healthy New Year!! Zara MerbaumFounder of Mother Load

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Holiday Travels with Toddlers

Traveling with our kids usually means a few sleepless nights filled with packing anxiety. I always replay different scenarios about what to pack and what to leave behind, what I need to pack in the carry-on and what I should pack in the suitcase.  We have small children which therefore necessitates a plan in order [...]

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Mother Load Review from Naturally Cracked Blogger

We received a great review from Tiffany Collins at Naturally Cracked.  Tiffany liked that Mother Load bags are machine washable, light weight and easy for her older son to understand how to use and help pack.  Read more at Naturally Cracked "I think these bags are fantastic, there was not really anything I would say I didn't like [...]

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Lower Prices at Mother Load

To Our Mother Load Friends,If we save, you save!! We are so excited to announce that we are LOWERING our PRICES!! We accomplished our goal by: 1.Committing to a larger production run otherwise known as a “volume buying”. AND2.We spent long hours learning about better ways of sourcing.We are looking ahead and we will continue to [...]

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Mother Load is Growing

To Our Mother Load Family,We are growing and have expanded our manufacturing capabilities.  Two years ago, keeping 3 goals in mind, we set out to find a new manufacturer.   Family owned factoryHave a trusted partner who could certify the factory and lives nearby to visit as neededMake Mother Load bags responsiblyWe have accomplished all of the [...]

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