Who’s Potty Training?

Posted by Zara Merbaum on 27th Feb 2015

It seems almost impossible that my 22 month old daughter is interested in potty training but it’s true.  Personally, I’d rather keep her in diapers but she has her mind set on wearing underwear a … read more

Sunday Morning, Mother Load Pointillism

Posted by Zara Merbaum on 25th Jan 2015

Wishing we could be at the park with the kids today, rain in St. Louis has us considering indoor activities!  Wishing all parents and grandparents a lovely Sunday at the park of your choice!! &nb … read more

Mother Load Bags Get Repurposed

Posted by Zara Merbaum on 22nd Jan 2015

At Mother Load we like organization, space-savers and convenience!!! We designed the Mother Load bags to grow with your kids, be eco-friendly, lightweight and Multi-functional!! Recently, we rece … read more

Mother Load Retail Partners

Posted by Zara Merbaum on 8th Jan 2015

We want to share with you a list of our retail partners who take part in our vision to help curb your childcare chaos!!!  Mother Load bags help free moms, dads and caregivers from senseless … read more