Mother Load - Daddy Proof

Posted by Zara Merbaum on 2nd Nov 2014

Calling all Daddies: Mother Load bags are for you!! These color-coded, job specific bags help you curb the feeling of childcare chaos. Once you figure out what your baby needs, you simply choose the … read more

The Mother Load Diaper Bag- What We Put In It

Posted by Zara Merbaum on 27th Oct 2014

Today I’ll share with you what we packed in our Mother Load Diaper bag.  On the weekends we try to get outside with the kids and weather permitting we usually head to a local park but Halloween i … read more

Mother Load as Toddler Independence Tools

Posted by Zara Merbaum on 2nd Oct 2014

Hi Friends,Yesterday, Molly and I enjoyed a day at the St. Louis Zoo.  Naturally, I questioned any reasoning for carrying a big bulky diaper bag that’s impossible to fish things out of. Instead I … read more

Clean and Dirty Clothes Bag used in Kindergarten

Posted by Zara Merbaum on 19th Sep 2014

Hi Mother Load Friends,I want to share with you over the next few blog posts all the many ways I use my Mother Load bags.  Recently, my son Noah began kindergarten and we found that the Clean Clo … read more