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Our team at Mother Load was excited to learn about Bump Club & Beyond – a place “where moms and moms-to-be connect.) This club brings you the best resources, product suggestions and events across the country – from workout classes, to baby registry and breastfeeding classes, to webinars.

And, Mother Load is thrilled to be a part of Bump Club & Beyond's premier parent perk program - BCB VIP!

Parenting can be challenging (not to mention expensive), but BCB VIP makes it more manageable by connecting parents with exclusive deals, discounts, gifts, gift cards and parenting webinars from the best brands and resources across the country (including Mother Load)!

Interested in joining Bump Club & Beyond’s VIP program? To start saving today join using code: BCBVIP17 and save 40% on your first year (only $60). With so many gifts & gift cards, this program pays for itself immediately. #BCBVIP

Such a great place to get all the information you need on parenting!!!