Holiday Travel with Kids - TSA Approved

10th Nov 2015

The busiest travel holiday is just around the corner.  We want to help you be more efficient, less stressed and eliminate frustrations while on the road or in the air.  We have 5 recommendations to help make your holiday travels more fun!

1. Use Mother Load bags to organize your childcare essentials - this system compartmentalizes your baby or toddler's "stuff", allowing any bag to become a diaper bag. Each bag has a unique design feature for Diapering, Snacks, Clean Clothes, Dirty/Wet Clothes and Toys.  TSA "loves" the see-through stretch mesh, these bags eliminate the need for the zip loc bag.

2. Always pack the number of diapers per hour you are traveling.  Yes, you will have too many but what if you are stuck in the airport due to poor weather or plane mechanical problem? It's happened to us!

* picture to the left shows the diaper pouch, clean and dirty bags.

3. Bring one change of clothes for yourself and 2 for your baby or toddler in your carry on. Drinks spill, throw up happens and that trusted diaper will no doubt fail. 

4. Buy your child a new toy, game, puzzle or craft. Don't show or give it to them until they are in the air or buckled in the car. 

5. When taking off or heading in for landing, do yourself a favor and give your little one a special travel treat. We recommend Dum Dums lolly pops because they are so small and they tend to make less of a mess then any other brand. These lolly pops are the cure for the air pressure ear pain and absolutely make everyone on the airplane including your little one very happy!! 

Wishing you and your family safe holiday travels!!!


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