Mother Load is Growing

Posted by Zara Merbaum on 12th Nov 2014

To Our Mother Load Family,

We are growing and have expanded our manufacturing capabilities.  Two years ago, keeping 3 goals in mind, we set out to find a new manufacturer.  

  • Family owned factory
  • Have a trusted partner who could certify the factory and lives nearby to visit as needed
  • Make Mother Load bags responsibly

We have accomplished all of the above and more. In the process of making our product even better, we developed new friendships and partnerships.  

Below are some pictures of our growing Mother Load family:

  1. David, who certifies our factory and is our boots on the ground in Shenzhen City (sitting to left is David’s sister and Me, on the right)
  2. Factory cutting
  3. Our newest family member Zhi Ham, son of our factory owner.
  4. Pattern room
  5. Sample room