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Valentine's Day Breakfast

For me, Valentine's Day is a wonderful holiday for the kids. I truly enjoy preparing little surprises of love all day long. Pinterest happens to have a veritable smorgasbord of great Valentine's Day breakfast ideas. I made a new pinterest board called Kid Themed Eats if you want to see these borrowed ideas... and others.

I start each Valentine's Day off with a heart-themed breakfast. Tomorrow we will have heart-shaped fruit cutouts, morning sausage hearts and a heart shaped "egg in a nest." I also found a new heart-shaped idea that I'm going to test out: heart-shaped red ice cubes. This idea came from A Subtle Revelry . You need to buy a heart shaped mold from a local craft store, and then you use red food coloring, a little milk, and simply freeze! You'll have light pink ice hearts for a cup of milk or iced coffee. I'll try it out and post tomorrow's breakfast photos on Instagram. Fingers crossed: it's a school day so I'll have to really be on the ball with this breakfast. 

So here's the run down...

The night before:

1. Fill up and freeze the heart shaped ice cubes

2. Cut out the fruit hearts. We are going to do watermelon, pineapple and strawberries.

Valentine's morning...

1. Make coffee :-)

2. Cut out bread for eggs

3. Make the breakfast links (we use Applegate chicken sausage links and I add just a bit of water to the pan when cooking the frozen ones. It keeps the sausage moist and not dried out.)

4. Assemble the plate for your little darlings, and enjoy a heart shaped iced coffee yourself!!

Wishing you all lots of love this Valentine's Day!!