2nd May 2017

Every year in April I start thinking about what creative gift I can give my Moms (Mother-in-law included) for Mother's Day. If you are like me, your Mom most likely says "I don't need anything and if I do need it, I'll buy it myself".  This is all well and good but it leaves open the question of what to do on Mother's Day to show my love and affection. 

Some years I've bought personalized items like coffee cups or mouse pads with photos of the grand kids. I have even defaulted to a super nice box of chocolate because I know my Mom loves it and it's something she'll enjoy and use up. But what else is out there besides ordering chocolate and personalized gifts? 

The answer: Create an experience, whether it's bought or free. 

I've compiled a short list below of the perfect "experience" gifts our Moms will love to remember.

  • My favorite idea is a spring wild flower walk for the mom who is able to stroll. Look up local forest areas and nature paths. Even a stroll along the river tends to have wildflowers along the banks. I'm obsessed with youtube videos on how to arrange flowers. Here's one below that focuses on fresh cut wild flowers.  Maybe you buy Mom some fresh cut wild flowers at the local farmers market on the way home and make a spring arrangement for her to keep.
  •  Make a picnic at a local park for the whole family- keep it simple! Cheeses, crackers, olives, grapes, some sparkling water and champane are a great mid-day nosh!! Bring a frisbee or soccer ball so the kids can play while you and mom relax.

  • Go to the Art Museum and have lunch there after viewing the collection (Tip: you may need to make reservations if you intend to eat at the museum).
  • Buy tickets to the Theatre, Cinema or Symphony - check out what's coming to town around Mother's Day.  
  • In St. Louis there are always local neighborhood home tours, buy tickets to attend a tour.
  • Arrange a small dinner out with her friends, she'll love that you handled all the details.
  • Give your mom a spring family portrait session, you can arrange dates with the family and have special photos of grandma with the grand kids and so on.

Please share your ideas too, it would be great to add to the list! 

Happy Mother's Day to All!!