Who’s Potty Training?

Posted by Zara Merbaum on 27th Feb 2015

It seems almost impossible that my 22 month old daughter is interested in potty training but it’s true.  Personally, I’d rather keep her in diapers but she has her mind set on wearing underwear and that’s that.  Needless to say, we are having some accidents but when we are prepared it's no big deal. I’m finding that my Mother Load bags have been  great at transitioning from baby days to toddler frenzy.

 I hope Molly doesn’t hate me later for sharing her potty picture ...

When Molly was a baby I would carry the diaper, clean clothes and dirty clothes bags everywhere.  Once molly was past 6 months I found I didn’t have the need to carry the dirty and clean clothes bags and instead carried the diaper, snack and toy. Recently I’ve gone back again to packing the clean clothes and dirty clothes bags as we work on our diaper independence.  We are all set for any kind of accidents, a spare pair of clothes and machine washable bag for anything dirty.    


Clean and Dirty Clothes bags  


Clean Clothes bag packed with spare pair of clothes in case of any accidents while out of the house.


Dirty Clothes bag is ready for any accidents that need to be contained and washed later.  All Mother Load bags are machine washable and dry in minutes.

Here’s to diaper independence!!!


Zara Merbaum

Founder of Mother Load