Mother Load Diapering Pack

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A worry-free way to keep tots in tiptop shape, this set features three Mother Load organizing totes – Diaper Pouch, Clean Clothes bag, and Wet Bag. Consider it your backup while on the go – a way to keep a clean pair of clothes, a water-resistant laundry bag for the dirty ones, and extra diapers while running errands all day, on a trip, or to leave behind with a daycare or sitter. Accidents happen, but with the Diapering Pack, you no longer have to worry about them ruining your day.

Mother Load bags are machine washable, eco-friendly, reusable and lightweight. 

  • Diaper Pouch -  Includes a soft matching diaper pad. Holds lots of diapers, wipes, creams, powder or whatever else you need to clean your baby's tushy while on the go.
  • Wet Bag - To hold dirty or wet items, cloth diapers, swimsuits or soiled clothing and bibs while out and about so your diaper bag stays fresh and clean.
  • Clean Clothes Bag - Keep extra onesies, tees, pants and more for back up while away from home.

All bags in this set are the same size 9.5" x 13"