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Recently one of the Mother Load team’s own had a baby shower for her little boy who’s due in a few weeks. Along with a darling theme – woodland animals, complete with a moss-lined table, succulent napkin rings, and more – the shower also had a hot chocolate bar, s’mores, and mimosas. What fun!

We asked her what some of the best (and most unique) presents were that she received. It’s interesting to see what others selected as must-haves for this first-time-mama-to-be!

Homemade Blankets, Sweaters, and More!

Some of the best (and most thoughtful) gifts are those from the heart, and this new mom received gorgeous, hand-knit blankets, sweaters, and hats. Not only are these great for the new baby, the parents will treasure them always, as a lot of time and effort went into crafting them!

Bath, Bath and More Bath:

Lots of bath toys, a waterproof book, all-natural shampoo, an infant towel and robe, and more! Bath accessories are a great gift and a fun way to bundle together a few themed items.

Elephant Plush Play Mat:

With a house full of hardwood floors, this mat is a must for a little one to play on, get some tummy time in, and just relax. Plus, it’s extra cute, meaning it doubles as a decoration!

Stanley 6 Precision Screwdriver Kit:

From the gift-giver herself, a mom of two: “…because, from here on out, you’re going to have to assemble toys, furniture and everything else with the teeny, tiniest screws ever invented!”

And, of course…

mother load baby bag organization

Mother Load Bags!

One of the best and most useful baby shower gifts, the full set of Mother Load Bags or a Mini Load set, is a great way to get new moms and dads organized. Fill up the bags with pacifiers, diapers, a cute outfit, wipes and more, and the bags double as a gift bag! Or, pair them with a nice diaper bag so she’s all ready for the baby to arrive!

Wishing our Dearest soon to be Mom all the blessings and joy of parenthood!!!


Team Mother Load


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