About - Mother Load


When Zara Merbaum had her son, Noah, she saw her life quickly erupt into chaos. With diapers, baby toys, bottles, binkies, and more overrunning her house, car and handbags, Zara saw firsthand how challenging it was for busy parents to stay organized and efficient. What’s more, Zara wasn’t thrilled with diaper bags – both the aesthetic and the functionality. While her diaper bag had multiple compartments, Zara still found herself digging around to quickly find a toy or binky, only to realize she left it at home or in the car.

Instead of diaper bags, Zara began using her own totes and handbags in order to express her personal style, and she organized and compartmentalized Noah’s things by putting them into large Ziploc bags. She loved being able to grab just one or two categorized bags to throw into her purse or the car, but she quickly found that the plastic storage bags would get grimy and had to be replaced daily – plus they all looked alike, causing confusion when she asked her husband or babysitter to grab a specific one.

Zara knew there had to be a better, easier and more efficient way. Thus, Mother Load was born.

Zara, previously a fashion and textile designer for more than a decade, put her skills to work to create a stylish and functional solution. She developed a collection of five Mother Load bags – each color-coded with an embroidered icon to represent a different use: Snack, Toy, Clean Clothes, Dirty Clothes, and Diaper.

All five Mother Load baby bags are designed in the USA, creating an eco-friendly and attractive alternative to plastic storage bags. They are made with a see-through, stretch-mesh front to quickly identify what’s inside, and a water-resistant, ultra-soft nylon back to protect from spills. The fabric offers the ultimate in stretch-and-recover, allowing parents to fill them with as much (or little) as they need, from one diaper to ten. The zipper is durable and effortless – unbreakable but easily unzipped with one hand. And, most importantly, the bags are reusable and can be machine washed and quickly dripped dry.

The colors are gender-neutral, making them a no-brainer for busy moms, dads, caregivers and grandparents to use for an outing, a car trip, a vacation, or anything else. They are ideal to throw into handbags, totes, briefcases, and more, as well as to carry individually or to keep in a car. They are also a great complement for traditional diaper bags, allowing parents to easily organize and replenish, never forgetting a favorite toy or must-have snack at home again. What’s more, the Mother Load Diaper Bag includes a wristlet and diaper pad, making it a true must-have “grab-and-go” for parents.

And, Zara admits that her life as a busy mom is still full of chaos. But, with Mother Load, it’s now “organized chaos” – an easy and efficient solution that saves time, minimizes frustration, and keeps her on track.