The Environmentally Friendly Baby Bag - Mother Load

The Environmentally Friendly Baby Bag

Mother Load Baby Bags are the indispensable, simple, convenient and stylish way to stay organized and minimize your impact on the planet. Mother Load Baby Bags offer a better alternative to Ziplock® disposable bags. These reusable, durable, beautiful zippered bags are color-coded for easy identification... and so much more.

          • Clean Clothes Bag to carry a fresh set
          • Dirty Clothes Bag to safely and securely store a dirty diaper or soiled outfit when you're on-the-go
          • Toy Bag to keep your toddler's favorite distractions
          • Snack Bag to tote food and bottles
          • Diaper Bag with Changing Pad for convenient, clean changes

Can't decide which to buy? Try a set - conveniently assembled to meet your needs.

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